In chorus you can do many fun things unlike other classes you do not take for the whole year. You will take it for 1 trimester. One of my favorite parts about chorus is the fun games and songs with movement we do in them. That’s my favorite part of class because it’s fun to do movements in the songs like folktale songs and it’s fun to interact with friends in the games. At the end of the chorus trimester, there’s always a performance. When we do the performances we all sing in an auditorium on bleachers. We usually sing 4-5 songs. When I first started the trimester with chorus I wasn’t really into singing but it ended up being fun. I learned a lot about how humans sing like their vocal chords. The larger the vocal cords the deeper the voice is. Vocal cords are tiny. When you’re a baby your vocal cords are about 2mm thick and for an average adult they are 8mm – 13mm. Overall, chorus was a very fun trimester to have.

My Ideal World

My ideal world is a lot different than our world now. Some things are the same, some are not. My ideal world is called Lises. The world is great for me but you might think differently about it.

My whole world is hot and has a nice climate around  60° F to 85° F. The years are shorter and the days are longer. Years will be 150 days and days are 30 hours long. There is lots of nature and animals. You can have any pet you want as long as it’s not too dangerous and you know how to take care of it. Floating islands will also be on the planet. No houses are allowed on the floating islands though. The floating islands are there for a cool experience and there is one big island for the capital in each state.

Lises will have 10 moons and lots of stars. There will be at least one comet if not more that passes through space that you can see every year. From space, the planet is teal and green and there’s two rings. There are three other planets in the system all orbiting a moon that produces a lot of light. There is one other planet that is habitual with all types of features. The other planet is named deep blue. It’s called deep blue because it would  be underwater.

When you are actually on the world there would be no world hunger. It would be solved and there would also be absolutely no crime. If you commit a crime you would be put in jail for at least 25 years if not more no matter what the crime was. If you get sick, people will help you get medication and what you need to recover. Every child needs to finish high school and have a job when you are age 24 and up. Different countries don’t start wars unless necessary. When it gets dark outside the time will be 7:30-8:00 and the sunrises at around 6:00-6:30. Also, sunsets and sunrises will be beautiful. There’s no pollution so you can get around by electric vehicles. To travel there are electric powered planes that go very fast. Technology on Lises is very advanced from now. Phones and devices can tell if someone is trying to hack you and that triggers your device to stop. Flying cars are successful but they are only for government emergencies like the PD, FD, and EMS. 

The different holidays on Lises are the same and our planet but there are more. For example, a new holiday different from ours is a celebration for all cultures. All of the different cultures come together in their town or city and bring something to represent their culture. 

Lises would be my perfect ideal world for me.

My Experience at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Image From DA Teacher

When the 6th grade went to The Museum of Natural Sciences on 1/27/23 in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was a lot of fun. The museum was four floors and it had many exhibits. The main focus was the RACE exhibit. The RACE exhibit had a lot of info about culture in race, how race changed the world, and lots more. The other exhibits they had were, a small space exhibit, birds & reptiles & small land animals, ocean creatures, insects, and a little exhibit for dinosaurs, they also had a really cool 3D printing lab and you got to touch the 3D prints they made. There were also many more exhibits. My favorite exhibit was probably the 3D print lab and the dinosaurs. In the 3D print lab there were 3D printers running and you could ask the people that were there all about it and how it’s made. Also, in the lab there were little monitors with interactive things. In the dinosaur exhibit there were fossils and replicas from the dinosaurs. It was a lot of fun.

Mirror/Window Book Post

Image from: Sora

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading the book The Final Six. I have not finished it yet but so far it has been a great book. This book is about a group of teenagers sent to one of Jupiter’s many moons. It is a very action packed book with a lot of details. The group of teenagers has also gone to a space training camp. The author of this book is Alexandra Monir. She did a great job of making the book nice, fun and not confusing to read. I chose to read this book because it sounds cool that there are a group of teenagers that are going to one of Jupiter’s moons and exploring it.

I think for me this is a window book. A window book is something that you can’t relate to and a mirror book is the opposite of a window book, you could relate to it in many ways. This book is a window for me because I have never gone to one of Jupiter’s moons and never been in space. When I pick books I like to pick anything that interests me and that I can relate to in a few ways. I usually pick a mirror book.




In this blog post, I will talk about baseball. I love baseball and I have been playing for almost my whole  life. This is why I think you should play baseball.

The first reason why you should play baseball is that is is very fun and you will meet all types of new people from different teams. Baseball is fun because you get to try out the different positions and you get to bat. In the photo above that is me batting. Another fun thing about baseball is that it can be very hard or easy. For an example, you can be facing a pitcher that can throw very fast and hard or you can be playing a team with bad hitting or bad fielding but regardless of who you play, always try your best to win.

I play for the Carolina Rattlers and all of my teammate are very nice and supportive of each other. You should always be supportive to your teammates. I have been playing for most all my life and it is my main sport. I play other sports too but baseball is my top favorite. I play tournaments mostly on the weekends all over the state/county.

Wisdom Tail Comic

In 6th grade Language Arts, we did a project about a wisdom tale. We could do different things not just a comic but the choices were: a comic, a rap/song, poem, and stop motion.

I worked with my partner, Branden. We chose to do a comic as you can see above. It was very fun to draw the people and come up with words the characters were going to say. The wisdom tale was about two friends that got tricked by the man with a red and blue coat. The man asked the kids what color his coat was. They both answered differently because they saw different things from each other’s point of view. The man wanted the two kids to question their friendship and that’s just what he did.

Camp Hanes Trip

In the morning on Thursday the 6th grade left for Camp Hanes, for 1 night. We knew that there was a hurricane coming up our way. We had to get on a charter bus and go to where the camp was located, king NC. The bus ride was about 2 hours till we would get there. Everyone was talking and watching a movie on the bus. Some people would think it was fun on the bus and some didn’t think that. When we stepped off the bus and got our bags and brought them into the gym.

We did so many fun things. Then we listened to all the counselors tell us their names and the rules about camp. After that we ate lunch. The 6th graders did adventures activities while we were in camp Hanes. My favorites were the hike and canoeing. Both of them were very fun. The hike had a very pretty view when we got to the top it was about 1.5 miles up and back down. When we get to a few steep parts in the hike we used a rope. When my group did the canoeing we got in partners of 2 or 3. Then we learned how to paddle with the ore and how we should get in the canoe. Never  stand up in the canoe. 

One thing I am proud of is sleeping in a cabin with 16-20 people every once in a while someone gets up, coughs, sneezes or shifts around. But hopefully everyone got a bit of sleep at night. We had to get up at around 6:30-6:50 to eat breakfast. After breakfast we got a small time to play on the fields or in the airnasium. After that we went to the gym and played fun games in groups. Some we needed to work together, some we played for fun. When we finished doing that the buses arrived we loaded up our stuff and unfortunately it was raining. Once we loaded everything on the bus we got on and started our ride back. Camp Hanes was very fun and I would love to go again. It had so many fun things we did.

Finding Someplace Backpack

Over the summer we read the book Finding Someplace. It was an amazing book. In the book there was a girl named Reesie who needed to pack a backpack full of important things to survive. She had to be fast and smart about the things she brought. She had to pack a backpack because hurricane Katerina was going to touchdown in New Orleans. This book took place in 2005. Reesie packed important things to help her stay alive.

If I needed to pack a backpack like she did when a hurricane touched down in her hometown. I would pack useful and important things to me. I would pack an inflatable raft that I could use because it could start to flood and it would be important to have something that you can float on so you don’t drown then I would pack a phone, a phone charger, and batteries to keep my phone charged  I would use my phone to call for help if needed like if i broke a bone. I will also pack a big full water bottle and some money. I would use the money to buy things if needed, then I would have my water bottle to stay hydrated. I also pack a book, a flashlight, and a lot of food that wouldn’t go bad fast. I will use the flashlight when it gets dark out and need it, then for when I have something to entertain myself I pack a book and food for when I get hungry. If I ever get hurt, I have a first aid kit in my backpack too. The next things I would bring are a rain jacket, a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, and a hat. If it rains I have a rain jacket. If I get wet I have a change of clothes. That’s what I would bring in my backpack if I had to pack a backpack in very little time like Reesie did.